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ASAM Systems is the leading network monitoring service provider since 1999. Your go-to consultants for delivering and implementing best-in-class monitoring products and services. Enterprise grade solutions for SMB’s and Enterprises, easy to configure and maintain. Why don’t you give it a Try, get the look and feel.

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Meeting your expectations

Monitor Services, Applications, Devices, Logs, Connections, Cloud,
Audit and Consultancy services,
Install, Upgrade, Configure,
Develop, Build, Customise,
Automated roll-out,
Maintenance & Support.

Our monitoring solutions fit Thruk/Nagios/Naemon and all clones based on the latter.

One less thing to worry about

Say goodbye to sleepless nights and IT headaches.
Our cutting-edge solutions empower you and your team to be the heroes of your organization, preventing future outages before they happen.

It’s time to claim your well-deserved peace of mind – just be discreet if the boss is watching.

Solution highlights

Serious Research and Development

More info, easy diagnoses

Agents developed by ASAM, allow easy diagnoses, determine hotspot area leading to quick resolution

Enhanced Status Graphs

Line charts, Bar charts, Pie charts
The possibilities are endless with our built-in graphing tool
A definite “Boss pleaser”

Graphing tool for collected performance data

Real-time Events LiveBoard™

Real-time alerts dashboard
Always aware of your IT status
Separate view for each team

Real-time events dashboard LiveBoard™

LazyNanny™ Heartbeat monitoring

An off-premise monitoring guard. Alerting whenever your monitoring solution halts, gets stuck or fails.

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Automated reporting

Receive email reports of your system health /availability. Customizable settings for automatically sending daily, weekly, montly reports

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Operations dashboard

Try our free notifications dashboard: LiveBoard™
Up and running in less than 59 seconds.

LiveBoard™ is a real-time alerts dashboard for Nagios/NagiosXI/Thruk/OMD/docker-OMD/Naemon/CheckMK/Icinga. This dashboard will display the non-OK check results…

LiveBoard is urgency aware. Convenient, because urgent problems are always on top. You may have several LiveBoards running throughout your organisation there are separate views for each team based on authorisation.

Packaged and pre-configured as a docker image. All you have to do is download our script and run it from your monitoring server prompt. The script will guide you through the installation process… up and running in less than 59 seconds.


– Enforce team awareness of alerts
– Display only what is relevant to your team or location
– Big lettered display for distance legibility
– Number of unhandled alerts
– Big fonts
– Persistent configurable
– Real-time status display
– Intelligent audible alerting
– Multiple Themes


…but who is watching your monitoring solution?

LazyNanny™. An off-premise heartbeat monitoring guard. Alerting whenever your monitoring solution, network or mail server becomes unreachable, halts or fails.

A simple yet reliable service provided by our network partner. This Nanny service includes email and SMS notifications and is vendor independent.

Don’t be fooled, LazyNanny is vigilant all the time, every time

Consulting and Seamless Monitoring Solutions

Unlock your organization’s full potential with our consulting services, specializing in monitoring concept development, implementation and maintenance. We go beyond conventional thinking and collaborate on functional concepts that align with your organization’s goals.

Navigate complex process flows seamlessly and ensure effective monitoring without missing a beat.

Support, Expertise and Dedication

Support and assistance based on years of monitoring knowledge and experience.

Unheard of:
Our support does not start only and whenever you drop us a mail but instead we can continuously be part of your monitoring operations.

Feel free to drop us an email or simply give us a call for more detailed information.

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